Dear international activist!
Albania is a small country and the poorest member of North Atlantic Alliance (NATO).
Albania has limited record of political stability. (The country has descended in chaos twice in the last twenty years.
Yet, the Government of Albania seems eager to accept the chemical weapons of Syrian Regime disregarding the will of the Albanians who see this as a dangerous adventure for a country in such level of development.
Far more developed countries do not like to receive the chemical weapons of Assad Regime.
So, Albania comes as a solution because it is poor and it has an unresponsive government toward the wish and concerns of its population.
So far, Albanian Government has not issued any declaration in relation to its decision to accept the weapons ignoring in this way the need for informing its people for such hazardous adventure.
Yet, Foreign Policy Magazine reported quoting sources from the negotiation that Albanian Government has “shown enthusiasm” regarding this possibility.
For these reasons we ask for your help!
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