Putin had second thoughts about War in Ukraine

Due to the unexpected and fearful menace against Russian interest in the world, shown up in Rome by Albanian Minister of Defense, Putin had expressed deep doubts about his adventure in Ukraine, Ruritania News Agency had learned.

From our International Excellent Reporter

Belgrale – 31 March 2015

10857071_1657245601165334_1297544436424329840_oRussian President Vladimir Putin is considering to withdraw his ‘little green men’ from Ukraine and Crimea, and possibly from South Ossetia as well, due to the unexpected world changing speech held by the Minister of Defense of Albania Mimi Kodheli on her address to a very high local level policy meeting in Rome, Italy.

“The year that we left behind was a black year for security,” Reuters quoted Kodheli saying in her lecture meaningfully entitled: “The situation of security in Europe and challenges and menaces against it”.

According to Kodheli, the Alliance is being increasingly challenged in its eastern and southern borders. The official statement from the Ministry of Defense of Albania lacked details, but added that the audience expressed special attention to her speech and asked her about what are her thoughts on counteracting measures against both south and eastern enemies.

It seems that Mr. Putin alarm was caused especially by one of the answers, an answer that seems very astute and as well, codified. “Our region has always been seen as an extension of the Russian expansion toward Mediterranean sea. The dreams of the Western Civilization of the Balkans had never been accepted by Russia,” she stated, leaving the audience mouth open wide.

According to the Ruritania News Moscow Correspondent, Putin has asked to his advisors the following questions:

  • Does Miss Kodheli speech interfere with our [Russian] plans to invade Turkey?
  • Can Miss Kodheli speech be a decoy or a false plan to divert Russian President concentration away from his bear hunt scheduled for this weekend?
  • What does the phrase “southern borders of the Alliance mean?”
  • Is it possible that Kodheli already know about Moscow plan to swallow Greece in its sphere of influence?


Due to the difficulties encountered by several Putin advisors to decipher the meaning of the Kodheli’s historic speech, Putin is heard to say, more to himself than to the advisors that perhaps, his room of maneuver is very much narrowed by Kodheli’s move and he would to better to withdraw from Ukraine.

Our correspondent also learned that one of the Putin advisors is thinking for a very astute move to remove the Kodheli’s threat.

“We could urge Rama to make her mayor of Tirana,” the advisor told Putin. “Without her as Minister of Defence, NATO is an obsolete target for our troops to conquer.”

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